Real hardwood floors are a beautiful asset.  Sometimes that beautiful asset is covered by years of dirt and abuse.  Refinishing a hardwood floor can be a rewarding project if your wood floors appear worn, especially in high traffic areas like entryway, halls, and kitchens.  Your floors will benefit from refinishing areas scuffed, scratched or showing visible wear.  You can also have the opportunity to change the stain color.  One of the big advantages of having solid hardwood flooring is it can be restored and refinished many times throughout its long life.


The refinishing process includes sanding and scrapping your floors down to its natural wood.  Our process keeps the mess to a minimum on most projects.  We can usually complete the project in minimum time allowing you to get back to your normal schedule.  Twenty-four hours after the last coat of finish is applied you can walk on floors with in your stocking feet.  Move furniture with felt pads (do not drag furniture across floors, but lift and place it).  However, if you have area rugs, you must wait seven days before returning your rugs to the refinished hardwood flooring.